Honolulu zoo




The Honolulu Zoo is an amazing animal park a five minute walk from Waikiki beach.
The Zoo's entrance price is great value for money at $8.00US per adult.
Set in beautiful lush grounds the Zoo entrance opens onto a pond with flamingos in all their pink long legged glory.
Following the path around the zoo there are geese, ducks, komodo dragons and lizards, birds, tigers and my favourite the kids zoo.
kidís zoo is an enclosed area with buildings and stalls of what a storybook farm looks like.
There is a
Llama with the spitting distance marked on the ground, a small horse, goats you can go and pat and play with in a special play area.
The chickens have their own little hen house and there is a cow and some piglets.
All of which can be patted and or observed at close range. This area was under construction while we visited in March 2006 and I can't wait to revisit and see the finished attraction.
Leaving the farm you can continue to the African savannah area with
warthogs, black rhinoceros and hyenas. I am not sure why it is a black rhinoceros, on the day we were there it was muddy in his home and he was more of a red mud rhino.
There are also
Meerkats who were slightly tubby but I think that was due to the fact it had been raining for 30 days when we visited and the grass was taller than them. And there was an abundance of bugs....like the lion king movie says...slimy but satisfying.
There were also
giraffes and zebras wandering in the open plain area and some big Nile crocodiles  near the hippopotamus and the marsh birds.
The cats were hard to see as they were snoozing but I am sure the
cheetah and lions were about. The antelope were also wandering around.
I didn't visit the Herpetarium because that department gives me the shivers.
The big
tortoises were cute and huge and they move a lot faster than you think. I swear one winked at me as I took his photo.
The 2
elephants were getting a shower and the larger one absolutely loved it when the keeper was spraying its belly with the hose.
The primates were their normal noisy self with several different species including my favourite the
The zoo also has a great gift shop where you can buy everything from umbrellas to postcards to t-shirts and the usual souvenirs.
My favourite souvenir from the zoo is the machine you place 2 quarters in and a penny and choose your favourite picture, turn the wheel and hey presto ...one squished penny with a picture of a giraffe on it.
There are nice garden and lawn areas you can have a picnic on and the restrooms were clean and stocked with the usual Palm treesrequirements. 
I spent a happy morning strolling around and visiting the animals.
This is one of my must do activities if you go to Hawaii .
There are plenty of bus stops and transport to and from the zoo location and the aquarium is just across the road.




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